Exhibition: The Art of the Brick

If you were holding an exhibition about Lego, where else would you hold this then in Brick Lane, London.  As I have a huge lego fan in my house and the inner child in me was interested in seeing this new art exhibition made up of the tiny bricks, we brought tickets to go check it out.

We arrived at the Old Truman Brewery on Bricklane and got in line ready to enter.  Each visitor has a time slot for viewing the exhibition and to start off we are shown a short video interview with the creator, Nathan Sawaya.  Listening to his story was very inspiring, Nathan was a former corporate lawyer and after work he would go home and creatively design and challenge himself with new Lego projects. Eventually “Art of the Brick” was born and has already been a huge success around the world, showing in Asia, America and Australia and now in the UK.

The exhibition is colourful, fun, creative and definitely not just for children. There are millions of lego pieces making up the exhibition and at the end there is a very cool interactive room with Lego tables where children and adults can be creative.

here are some photos…

image image image