St Paul’s Cathedral

Simply breathtaking. St Paul’s Cathedral is one of my most favourite Catherdral’s for its stunning architecture and history.

Inside the Catherdral is unbelievable, the amazing works of art and detail is just spectacular. The ticket fee for entrance is slightly expensive (especially if visiting with a family) but it is worth it, in my opinion and your ticket will be valid for 1 year from that day of entry. 

Photos are not permitted inside the Catherdral, as it is a place of worship. If you have time, take a seat and a minute to enjoy the entrance. We did. We decided to climb to the top of St Paul’s for the view. 


The diagram above gives you details of inside. Did you see? 528 steps!! yes, that’s right.  

I’m happy we climbed up to take in the beautiful views of London from high in the skies. 🙂 

Here are some photos from the day…


View ewe from the whispering gallery

View from the whispering gallery

View of the River Thames

View of the River Thames