A little bit of Provence… in the UK

Ever pictured yourself running through beautiful Lavender fields? I have and last weekend I got to enjoy nature’s beauty on a glorious sunny day.

Less then 15 miles from Central London, in the North Surrey Downs is Mayfield Lavender . A family run organic lavender farm. The farm is open everyday from 1st June to 30th September and is free to enter.

As we approached the farm, I excitedly looked out the window and though the hedgerow could see rows and rows of vibrant purple lavender, stretching into the distance.

We had arrived! I instantly had that feeling that Summer was here. We began to wander the fields. It was a sensory overload, vivid colours and a wonderful light fragrance of Lavender filled the English countryside. I felt like we had stepped into Provence.

Lavender Fields, Banstead, UK

Lavender Fields, Banstead, UK


Great place for a day out of London. Perfect to enjoy a family or romantic picnic or even enjoy some alone time, reading a book under the tree. The farm put on activities for children from bug hunts to face painting. There is also an alfresco tea shop/bbq area with plenty of picnic tables and light refreshments

Address: Mayfield Lavender, Croydon Lane, Banstead SM7 3BE

We got a train to west croydon then changed to catch the bus (166) getting off at stop “Oaks Park”.

Beware the bus journey is long, i recommend taking a bottle of water for the journey especially in this hot weather. If you decide to visit, do come back and share your experience πŸ™‚